Following on from considerations of narcolepsy sufferers, the medical profession treating them and families affected by this sleep disorder, a Narcoleptic Patients Support Group is required in Ireland.

The aims of the organisation will include:

1. To promote awareness of narcolepsy to sufferers, the medical profession and the public at large and to provide information on the subject.

2. To encourage the Health Service Executive and Social Welfare Services to recognise Narcolepsy as a disability.

3. To be up to date with in-depth study and research into the cause, treatment and management of Narcolepsy.

4. To provide a forum for interaction and exchange between sufferers, their families and any interested parties.


Sleepy-heads is a voluntary non-profit organization established in June 2009. It is dedicated to individuals with Narcolepsy. Our mission is to provide services to educate, advocate, support and improve awareness of this neurological sleep disorder.

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